What is a Food Desert?

A food desert is an area, either urban or rural, in which the acquisition of affordable and healthy food is limited.


Food deserts are not necessarily equated to poverty.

A food desert is not necessarily equated to poverty, but rather it is defined by access. For instance, food may be available within a defined food desert at an inflated cost of as much as 200% more than a non-food-desert area. Or, food choice within a food desert may be dominated by high fat, high sodium, high sugar-content food, such as that available as gas stations or convenience markets.

Because unhealthy food dominates food desert choices, health risks such as obesity, binge-and-starve cycles, and overall poor health are the common outcomes.

Your purchase from the Fresh Wagon supports the project and helps families in food deserts have access to economical and healthy food.

Hungry families in a land of plenty is both a social problem and an ethical problem.

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