Know Your Food

Beets : Candy Striped

These dramatic and delicious beets , with trademark red and white stripes, are excellent raw or roasted. 

Beet greens are also delicious boiled or in stew and soup.

Beets : Chef's

Chef's Beets are the product of selective breeding, lending them an elongated shape perfect for evenly sliced rounds. 

Beet greens are also delicious boiled or in stew and soup.

Beets : Golden

Golden Beets have a milder flavor than their classic red cousins.  They are lovely cooked and in salads.

Beet greens are also delicious boiled or in stew and soup.

Beets : Red

The classic Red Beet is easy to prepare and excellent for you.

Beet greens are also delicious boiled or in stew and soup.


This superfood is frequently overcooked and overlooked.  Serve raw with dips for snacking, add to salads, or gently steam it and serve with butter or olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Brussels Sprouts

Looking much like tiny cabbages on a stalk, Brussels Sprouts are flavorful with a bacon and onion sauté, or roasted in the oven.

Cabbage : Green

The sturdy weight and size of Cabbage contrasts with its delicate, sweet flavor when cooked.

Cabbage : Purple

Crispy and fresh shredded Purple Cabbage makes for a slaw that is both beautiful and delicious.

Cabbage : Savoy

Distinctive leaves make the frilly Savoy Cabbage one of the more beautiful cabbage varieties. 


Carrots kept cool in the refrigerator make for easy and healthy snacks. Great as additions to soups, or a delicious roasted side dish.

Carrots : Rainbow

Surprising color variety elevates these Rainbow Carrots to an exciting new snack or side dish.

Cauliflower : Cheddar

Don't let its orange color fool you – the flavor of Cheddar Cauliflower isn't too different from it's tasty white cousin.

Cauliflower : Purple

The Purple Cauliflower adds a fabulous pop of color to any meal, whether served raw as a snack or roasted as a side.

Cauliflower : Romanesco

Also known as Broccoli Romanesco, Roman Cauliflower, or simply Romanesco, this strange and fabulous looking vegetable is nuttier than other cauliflower.

Cauliflower : White

Cauliflower's fresh sharp flavor is versatile from raw to richly roasted.


With its lacy leaves and pungent flavor, this parsley look-alike is common in cuisines from Mexico to Vietnam.

Citrus : Red Navel Oranges

With their dark red center, these Red Navel Oranges are as gorgeous as they are delicious.

Citrus : Chinese Honey Tangerines

Delicate and sweet, coveted Chinese Honey Tangerines are grown locally in the lake region east of Gainesville and not hearty enough to be sold in grocery stores.


The Yellow Corn found in grocery stores across the country today is made sweeter by the caring hands of local farmers.

Greens : Collards

A legacy Southern soul food that brings nutrition and tradition to the table.

Greens : Mustard

The spicy flavor of Mustard Greens serves as a welcome contrast to the milder Collard Greens.

Greens : Turnip

Lettuce : Bibb

The earthy, thick leaves of Bibb Lettuce hold up well to even the heartiest of salad dressings.  Bibb Lettuces are beautiful, and can be either green or red.

Lettuce : Green Leaf

Seen in both green and red, the classic Leaf Lettuce provides a delicate sweetness to fresh salad.

Lettuce : Romaine

Commonly used in Caeser Salads, the long-leafed Romaine Lettuce grows with crunchy stalks and and even withstand being grilled or gently cooked.

Onions : Green

Also called Spring Onions, these young shooted vegetables are delicious fresh or cooked in just about anything, or even roasted on their own as a side dish.

Onions : Yellow

This common variety of Onion is most commonly used in soup, stew, and saute, and and yields a stronger flavor than its red, white, and sweet cousins.


Mashed, roasted, fried, or even boiled, it's hard to go wrong with a hearty Potato side dish.


The locally-grown Strawberries of North-Central Florida are often found to be large and sweet, especially when compared to their grocery store competition. 

Sweet Potatoes : Orange

The sweetness and reliability of the classic Sweet Potato gives it a spot at the dinner table for more than just Thanksgiving.  Whether in a dessert, breakfast bread, or side dish, Sweet Potatoes provide a welcome contrast to your more savory meals.

Sweet Potatoes : Purple

These Sweet Potatoes are purple both inside and out, and feature a nuttier flavor than their more well-known counterparts.


Whether you're making your own pasta sauce or adding a bit of color to a fresh salad, Tomatoes remain a trusty addition to most any meal.

Yellow Squash

Among the easiest squash to cook, Yellow Squash are sweet, delicious, and found in a myriad of cuisines from around the world.


Found in both green and yellow varieties, Zucchinis grow so well as to almost be a burden.  As a result, this squash-like vegetable is often worked into all sorts of cuisines.

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