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The Fresh Wagon is a service of the Food Oasis Project, a program of the Common Thread Alliance.

Common Thread is a 501c3, founded in 2010.

Our focus is on recognizing, supporting, and enhancing the strength of individuals and their ability to make a positive community contribution when their struggle for basic needs is alleviated.

Common Thread’s commitment to the mobile farmers market, the Fresh Wagon, is three-fold:

  1. That all people in a community have access to the fresh food they need for good health and well-being.

  2. That small family farms should have the opportunity for building sustainable year-round revenue and success.

  3. That strong community partnerships can be used to connect food resources to food needs conveniently and economically for both farmers and consumers.

Through the Fresh Wagon project, Common Thread supports affecting permanent changes in food deserts with the goal of disease and obesity prevention.

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